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        Sex trafficking has not slowed down because of the pandemic

        The Globe and Mail reports:

        Organizations across Canada that work to help sexually exploited women and girls say the Liberal government has decided not to renew federal funding they rely on, forcing them to close programs.

        Megan Walker, executive director of the London Abused Women’s Centre, said her organization will have to close its federally funded anti-sex-trafficking program. The program operated for five years and served more than 3,000 trafficked, prostituted, sexually exploited and at-risk women and girls.

        So Trudeau is pro-trafficking then?

        Under the program, women and girls could access their services immediately, Ms. Walker said. They could drop in to the centre when they needed clothing or to be some place warm, and staff members helped them access health facilities and education. The federal funding also helped public awareness initiatives, with members of LAWC visiting schools and teaching students about the tactics of traffickers, such as luring.

        Pro-trafficking and anti-providing services for trafficked women and girls. Sweet.

        Sex trafficking has not slowed down because of the pandemic, according to Ms. Walker. She said her agency has received six phone calls from parents whose daughters were lured online to “remove their clothes and masturbate.” The girls’ actions were videotaped and posted on the Internet.

        “Trafficking will never slow down,” Ms. Walker said.

        But funding will always disappear.

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